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Shopping in Södertälje

In Södertälje you can find everything from smaller boutiques to larger chain stores.

Södertälje Centrum (city center)
We have three larger malls in the city center, Luna Gallerian, Kringlan and Telgehuset. There are also many stores along the main street, Storgatan.
Here you can find clothing stores, home décor, beauty, make-up, sporting utilities and much more. In addition to all the shopping possibilites we have
a vast variety of cafes and restaurants where you can stop for a break and refill your energy for even more shopping.

Moraberg Shopping Centre
Here you will find large chain stores such as Jula, Jysk, Stadium, Plantagen, Rusta and Elgiganten. You can find anything from electronics, sporting
gear and clothing to furnitures and gardener’s supply.

Vasa Shopping Centre
At Vasa shopping centre you will find anything you need. You can find clothing, groceries, electronics, furnitures and pet food. You can also find supplies
for your car, bike and boat. There is also a Systembolaget here if you would like to buy some wine or other alcoholic drinks. When you get hungry you can
go to Queens Burger or Subway to grab a bite.

Weda Shopping Centre

In this shopping centre you will find a second hand shop larger than 1000 m2. In addition you will find bakeries, sporting gear and clothing, groceries and toys for children.
You will also find cafes in the shopping center and Sushi if you get hungry.

Järna Centrum and Ytterjärna
In Järna you will find a wide range of smaller shops with clothing, toys, flowers and beauty products. When you start to feel hungry you have lots of cafe shopps,
restaurants specialized in organic and locally produced food.

In Enhörna you will find shops such as Butiken på landet and Norrlöts handelsträdgård where you can buy flowers and gardening supplies. You will also
find an antiquary and auction shop here. In Hölo you will find Hanverksboden at the church where you can buy local art and handcraft. In Mölnbo you will find “Norra Steneskafferi”

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