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  • Hotels

    In Södertälje you can find luxurious hotels with spa, hotels located in the center of the city, a hotel by the golf course or a budget hotel for long term stays. Unable to see the map?
    Scandic Skogshöjd | Scandic Södertälje | Quality Hotel Park | Vindeus Hotels | Hotell Kulturhuset | Kallfors Hotel | Torpa Pensionat | Hotell Paradis | Bommersvik | Vibynäs gård och konferens


  • Hostels and Bed & Breakfast

    There are several hostels and Bed & Breakfasts in Södertälje, some are close to the city center and some are farther away, close to nature and the sea. Unable to see the map?

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    Camping sites

    There are three camping sites in Södertälje where you can stay with your caravan, put up a tent or maybe you rather rent a cabin? Unable to see the map?
    Tvetagården vandrarhem | Telge vandrarhem | Hagabergs vandrarhem | Täljegårdens vandrarhem | Vårdinge by | Håknäs vandrarhem | Backstugan | Bed & Breakfast Mörkö | Tullgarns värdshus | Järna Bed and Breakfast | Axvikens fritidsförening | Lina Herrgård | Turingestugan | Härberget


  • Private housing
    You have the opportunity to live like one of us in Södertälje! You can rent for long term or shorter stays, depending on where you want to stay. There are apartments,cabins and rooms for rent.



    Approximately 30 kilometers from Södertälje you will find a beautiful house on a farm next to a lake. Here you can rent a room with three beds, WC and shower. There is a cat on the property.
    Contact: Caroll and Artur Granstedt | 0046 158-331 60

    Ytterjärna – Järna


    A villa by the sea. Two smaller single rooms and one larger double room to rent per day or per week. 1 kilometer from the closest bus stop, close to the villa you will find a café, restaurant and a small shop. Breakfast can be arranged.
    Contact: Marit Filipsson | 0046 8-551 500 15



    A vacation house 50 kilometers from Stockholm. You have access to a rowing boat, sauna and a fireplace. The house, three bedrooms and one living room, is located by Lake Mälaren and close to the forest with possibilities to find berries and mushroom. Available for weekly rent from May-September.
    Contact: Annika Lindau | 0046 73-182 08 91 |



    Gamla Affären, Viksberg


    Rent an apartment with two rooms and a kitchen. There are two beds in each room. Shared kitchen, WC and shower. The house is from the 1800’s and is located on the countryside with beautiful nature and water close by. The house is 7 kilometers from Södertälje and has two golf courses in the area. Cleaning and bed linen is not available but an extra bed can be arranged.
    Contact: Werner and Annika | 0046 73-655 02 05 | 0046 8-523 023 67

    Södertälje centrum

    A studio apartment in the center of Södertälje, Torekällgatan 38. One bed, WC, shower and kitchen is shared with the host.
    Contact: Anna-Lisa Lundmark | 0046 8-550 188 66

    Ålö – Tvetaberg


    An apartment with one room with the kitchen and WC on the second floor of the house. Beautifully located by fields and a little lake, only a couple of kilometers from Södertälje. Two beds and a pull-out sofa for children. Fully equipped apartment with TV and Internet. Available for rent per night or longer. Cleaning and bed linen are not included. Pets are allowed.
    Contact: Anders Hallin 0046 70-816 78 15 |

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